Lydia Greenfingers by Joseph Hopkins – Book Review

Lydia Greenfingers by Joseph Hopkins – Book Review

Lydia Greenfingers by Joseph Hopkins

Lydia Greenfingers

Author – Joseph Hopkins
Publisher – Austin Macauley
Pages – 29
Release Date – 29th July
ISBN-13 – 978-1785549496
Format – ebook, paperback, hardcopy

I received a free copy of this book

New Synopsis

When Lydia’s parents pass away, to her wicked aunt’s, she goes to stay. The house is dark, cold and bare, the garden overgrown and without care. Lydia decides to make things right, by growing flowers, tall and bright!

New Review

Lydia Greenfingers is a short, rhyming book for young children. Whilst the pages are beautifully adorned with bold and colourful, full-sized images, I wasn’t so keen on the plot.

The plot is about a young six year old girl, Lydia, who loves gardening. Her parents die (though the word die isn’t used in the book, but passed away is, a term I detest).

Lydia has to go and live with her Aunt Synthia, who she barely knows. Synthia is characterised as this ugly, frightening woman who doesn’t like children. She is drawn living in this dark, bland world and looks a lot like Cruella de Vil.

A few days after Lydia moves in, her aunt leaves her all alone, morning and night, whilst she goes to work, for a whole week.

When talking about death to a child it has to be done in a sensitive manner, whether that is talking factually, or fictitiously. For me, this book didn’t do that.

Revolving a story around the deaths of a child’s parents, not having the child in the story show any kind of grief, and then have her shipped off to live with a woman she doesn’t know, and doesn’t want her, then to be left alone with no-one. To me would scare children.

I understand that the author wanted to write a book for his Grandmother, and this could be exactly what happened to her, but that to me isn’t a reason to scare children.

Put simply, I wouldn’t recommend this book. It would seem though looking on Amazon (UK) at all the five star reviews that I am alone in my thinking.

Book reviewed by Stacey

Two star rating

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New About the Author

Joseph Hopkins is an independent author based in Kent, England.

He had his first book released on the 29th of July 2016. Lydia Greenfingers was inspired by his late Nan, Lydia. The book has done fantastically well for a book by an independent author. It has been stocked in WHSmiths following a sell out launch at the Bluewater store. The book to date (19th of September 2016) has 5 stars for every customer review.

Aside from writing Joe is also a teacher at a special needs school in Kent and works with children with various learning and social needs.

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3 Responses

  1. Such a shame you didn’t enjoy my book Stacey.

    Sadly the review given doesn’t mention the nice resolution at the end of the book where Aunt Synthia and Lydia build a beautiful bond together to deal with their joint loss. This is a massive part that was overlooked.

    My writing will always have a dark edge. Growning up books and films with some dark twist, intregment and scary characters always captured my attention – and my books will be that way too.

    Again, sorry it was not your cup of tea but I am yet to share the boook with anyone else that has seen the story in the negative way that you have.

    Hope my future books are better received, even with their sinister plots 🙂 never the less thank you for taking time to write a review.


    • whisperingstories says:

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate what you said about the ending. It certainly wasn’t overlooked when reading the book.

      I really don’t like giving books negative feedback, but when I started this blog I stated that I would only give my honest opinion, and that was what the review was. Even the likes of Shakespeare, J.K Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, to name a few, have negative reviews of their books. Not everyone will feel the same about a book. Sorry.

      • No need to apologies, as I said it’s just a shame it wasn’t to your taste. Thankfully it’s been well received everywhere else thus far and there is a lot of excitement around my next book due out later this year.

        Keep up the reviewing as it’s nice to recieve feedback. Even if it isn’t positive it’s a learning curve. Have a lovely weekend.


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