July Born Authors

July Born Authors

Discover information about authors that were born in July, from George Sands born on the first, through to Theodore Weesner born on the thirtieth.

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1st July 1804 – George Sand, author of ‘Indiana‘ was born on 1st July 1804 in Paris, France.

1st July 1955 – Lisa Scottoline, author of ‘Most Wanted‘ was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

3rd July 1883 – Franz Kafka, author of ‘The Trial‘ was born in Prague, Czech Republic. He died aged 40 on 3rd June 1924 in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

9th July 1901 – Dame Barbara Cartland, author of ‘The Golden Cage‘ was born in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK. She died aged 98 on 21st May 2000 in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK.

9th July 1945 – Dean Koontz, author of ‘Winter Moon‘ was born in Everett, Pennsylvania, USA.

17th July 1889 – Erle Stanley Gardner, author of ‘The Case of the Velvet Claws: Perry Mason Mystery‘ was born in Malden, Massachusetts, USA. He died aged 80 on 11th March 1970 in Temecula, California, USA.

17th July 1957 – Fern Britton, author of ‘The Postcard‘ was born on in Ealing, London, UK.

21st July 1899 – Ernest Hemingway, author of ‘The Old Man and the Sea‘ was born in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. He died aged 61 on 2nd July 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho, USA.

26th July 1856 – George Bernard Shaw, author of ‘Pygmalion‘ was born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

27th July 1973 – Cassandra Clare, author of ‘Lady Midnight‘ was born in Tehran, Iran.

27th July 1891 – Ruth Plumly Thompson, author of ‘Ojo in Oz‘ was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

28th July 1866 – Beatrix Potter, author of ‘Peter Rabbit‘ was born in Kensington, London, UK

30th July 1818 – Emily Brontë, author of ‘Wuthering Heights‘ was born on in Thornton, West Yorkshire, UK.

31st July 1965 – J K Rowling, author of ‘The Casual Vacancy‘ was born in Yate, Gloustershire, UK.

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8th July 1947

Jenny Diski, author of Skating to Antarctic, died on the 28th April 2016, – aged 88

15th July 1955

Sally Brampton, author of ‘Love, Always‘ died on the 10th May 2016 in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK – aged 60

31st July 1935

Theodore Weesner, author of ‘The Car Thief‘ died on the 26th June 2015, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA – aged 80

Basil H. Johnson, author of’Indian School Days‘ died on the 8th September 2015 in Wiarton, Canada – aged 86

Pablo Neruda, author of ‘Memoirs‘ died on the 23rd September 1973 in Santiago, Chile – aged 69

Emily Brontë, author of ‘Wuthering Heights‘ died on the 19th December 1848, in Haworth, West Yorkshire, UK – aged 30

Beatrix Potter, author of ‘The Tale of Kitty in Boots‘ died on the 22nd December 1943, in Near and Far Sawrey, Cumbria, UK – aged 77

George Bernard Shaw, author of ‘Pygmalion‘ died on the 2nd November 1950, in Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire, UK – aged 94


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