December Born Authors

December Born Authors

Discover information about authors that were born in December, from Candace Bushnell born on the first, through to Nicholas Sparks born on the thirty-first.

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1st December 1958 – Candace Bushnell, author of ‘Sex and the City‘ was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA.

1st December 1886 – Rex Stout, author of ‘Trouble in Triplicate‘ was born in Noblesville, Indiana, USA. He died aged 88 on 27th October 1975 in Danbury, Connecticut, USA.

2nd December 1944 – Botho Strauß, author of ‘Couples Passerby‘ was born in Naumberg, Germany.

5th December 1934 – Joan Didion, author of ‘The Year of Magical Thinking‘ was born in Sacramento, California, USA.

7th December 1875 – Willa Cather, author of ‘My Antonia‘ was born in Gore, Virginia, USA. She died aged 74 on 24th April 1947 in Manhattan, New York, USA.

11th December 1892 – Harriet Adams, author of ‘The Secret Agent on Flight 101‘ (Under her pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon), was born in Newark, New Jersey, USA. She died aged 89 on 27th March 1982 in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, USA.

12th December 1969 – Sophie Kinsella, author of ‘Finding Audrey‘ was born in London, UK.

16th December 1928 – Albert Low, author of ‘The Iron Cow of Zen‘ was born in London, UK. He died aged 87 on 29th January 2016 in Montreal, Canada.

16th December 1775 – Jane Austen, author of ‘Mansfield Park‘ was born in Steventon, Hampshire, UK. She died aged 41 on 18th July 1817 in Winchester, Hampshire, UK

17th December 1945 – Jacqueline Wilson, author of ‘Clover Moon‘ was born in Bath UK.

18th December 1913 – Alfred Bester, author of ‘Tiger! Tiger!‘ was born in New York City, New York, USA. He died aged 72 on 30th September 1897 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.

20th December 1960 – Nalo Hopkinson, author of ‘Midnight Robber‘ was born on the in Kingston, Jamaica.

24th December 1938 – Elayne Rapping, author of ‘Law and Justice as Seen on TV‘ was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She died aged 77 on 7th June 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

24th December 1927 – Mary Higgins Clark, author of ‘As Time Goes By‘ was born in The Bronx, New York, USA.

24th December 1973 – Stephanie Mayer, author of ‘The Chemist‘ was born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

25th December 1976 – Sheila Heti, author of ‘How Should a Person Be?‘ was born in Toronto Canada.

26th December 1891 – Henry Miller, author of ‘Tropic of Cancer‘ was born in Yorkville, Manhattan, New York, USA. He died aged 88 on 7th June 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA – aged 88

27th December 1964 – Kevin Patterson, author of ‘Invisible‘ was born in Canada.

29th December 1975 – William Gaddis, author of ‘Carpenter’s Gothic‘ was born in New York City, New York, USA. He died aged 75 on 16th December 1998, in East Hampton, New York, USA.

30th December 1965 – Rudyard Kipling, author of ‘Plain Tales from the Hills‘ was born in Mumbai, India. He died aged 70 on 18th January 1936 in London, UK.

31st December 1965 – Nicholas Sparks, author of ‘Two by Two‘ was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

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