Cybercrisis by William Keiper – Book Review

Cybercrisis by William Keiper – Book Review

Cybercrisis by William Keiper

Cybercrisis: It’s Personal Now

Author – William Keiper
Publisher – FirstGlobal Partners
Pages – 88
Release Date – 28th November 2016
ISBN-13 – 978-0991383504
Format – ebook, paperback, audio
Reviewer – Stacey
I received a free copy of this book
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New Synopsis Cybercrisis

Cyber Crisis provides crucial knowledge about social network risks, online trust and privacy, content oversharing, smartphone addiction, the Dark Web and an actionable routine for much improved personal cyber security. These are things you must know for yourself and so you can teach others.

When online, you, your friends, children, parents, co-workers and social acquaintances are always just one click away from a stalker, predator, thief, troll, catfish or another social media sewer dweller. Protecting you and yours is not someone else’s problem–it is a matter of personal responsibility.

Reading CYBER CRISIS will heighten your awareness of some of the factors and conditions that could, in the blink of any eye, suck you into a personal cyber crisis. It represents a warning shot for those of you predisposed to trust your fellow man in the real-world and, without thinking, carry that bias into cyberspace.

My perspective as the author comes from having been a part of computer technology and software businesses since shortly after the launch of the first Apple and IBM personal computers. In these public and private technology and related companies, I have served as CEO, board member, and strategic advisor. Through this work, I gained experience, understanding, and perspective, about digital age developments and their personal impacts, good and bad.

I have also written two previous books whose driving themes involve greater self-reliance in personal and business life. The Web is us, and we as a collective are the Web. After reading CYBER CRISIS, my hope is that you will better understand this dynamic relationship, and you will be motivated to accept a higher level of personal responsibility for your digital well-being.

New Review Cybercrisis

Cybercrisis, is a short book by William Keiper that not only highlights the dangers that can occur on the web, whilst using a computer, app, and games console (those that are linked to the internet), but also how people can become so addicted to their phones etc, that they forget about their safety.

William has spent most of his life working in computing, and has a vast knowledge of the potential dangers. Throughout the ten chapters, he has broken down and written in plain English, what he knows could, and often does, happen on the web. From having your personal information stolen when companies are hacked, to what the deep web is, and how it could affect you.

In today’s society most people under a certain age use a computer, tablet, or phone for accessing the internet, with a vast majority using it numerous times daily. Unless you are completely security savvy, you may not realise how vulnerable you really are when it comes to your web usage.

Throughout the first nine chapters, William explains what security flaws occur, and how. The last chapter is all about giving you some useful hints, tips and advice for staying safe online.

Whilst I think that this book is a great idea, and with it only being 90 pages it won’t take long to get through, I did find it somewhat boring. The information was extremely useful, but the tone in how it was written was a bit monotonous, and my mind did start wandering when I should have been reading.

However it contains such valuable information, that I think everyone who uses the internet should give this book a read.

Book reviewed by Stacey

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New About the Author

William Keiper Cybercrisis

William Keiper is an award-winning and bestselling author of creative non-fiction. He is committed to helping individuals and businesses do things differently as the result of seeing things differently.

He is the author of CYBERCRISIS – It’s Personal Now; Life Expectancy – It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Game; and The Power of Urgency. He has also published a series of short political essays, Amazon for President; Apple for President and Walmart for President.

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