Friday Free Books – 10th February 2017

Friday Free Books – 10th February 2017


This weeks top picks of FREE to download books from various genres, including non-fiction, and children’s books. Hopefully we have chosen something that you can all enjoy.

1- Catch a Falling Star by Leah Downing – Thriller

Catch a Falling Star by Leah Downing

In Book One of the Shooting Stars Series, bestselling author Leah Downing introduces Lauren St. Germain, a Federal Investigator who’s been accused for assisting the Taliban with a homeland terrorist attack.

Scandal, mystery, and Hollywood’s leading man refuse to let her fade from the public’s eye.

Her relationship status? It’s complicated…and that’s not even the half of it.

This multi-layered plot will keep readers captivated to the very last line.

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2- Fairy-Struck by Amy Sumida – Fantasy

Fairy Struck by Amy Sumida

Would you like to hear a real fairy tale? A story about the war between us and them. A war which led to a truce and a truce which led to the creation of a secret society.

There are councils you know nothing about, councils of fairies and of humans who write laws which govern us both. Laws you also know nothing about, yet still you are held accountable to them.

If you break these laws, the Wild Hunt of Fairy will come for you, but don’t worry too much, it’s hard to break laws concerning things you don’t believe in.

Fairies tend to break the truce more than humans and that’s where I come in.

I’m part of a military force which monitors the Fey. When they cross the line, we extinguish their light… permanently. I’m Extinguisher Seren Sloane and I can tell you a real fairy’s tale, if you’re brave enough to listen.

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3- The Lady’s Slipper by Deborah Swift – Historical/Romance

The Lady's Slipper by Deborah Swift

When English artist Alice Ibbetson discovers a rare orchid, the lady’s-slipper, she is captivated by its beauty and fragility. It is the last surviving specimen and she wants to paint it and tend it for future generations.

But she is not the only one who wants the flower – a herbalist wants it for its medicinal properties, and a ruthless landowner hopes that, like the tulip craze, it might restore his ailing fortunes. And pitted against them all is Richard Wheeler, the handsome man of new-found faith, whose searing honesty causes more danger than any deceit.

Soon Alice finds herself caught up in a web of danger, treachery and unexpected passion.

A story of drama, intrigue and romance set in 17th century England.

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4- Project ELE by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels – YA

Project ELE by Rebecca Gober

In an effort to save the human race, the government has implemented Project ELE. Now, the only chance for survival is to seek refuge in underground shelters controlled by the government.

Willow Mosby is among the select few allowed to enter the underground bunker to wait out the end of the world. Forced to pick up the broken pieces of her life after being separated from her family, she throws herself into a new life of work and school. When she meets Alec, her young and attractive boss, Willow finds herself falling for the one guy who should be off limits.

Alec makes her feel like this crazy new world may just be worth living. But when an afternoon date results in a shocking discovery, she’s forced to face an unspeakable truth that puts the lives of her and her friends in jeopardy.

Project ELE is a young adult dystopian novel with a paranormal romance twist. Fans of The Hunger Games, The 5th Wave, and The Divergent Series will love this newly completed teen fiction series.

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5- Petite Confessions by Vicki Lesage – Non-Fiction

Petite Confessions by Vicky Lesage

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to pour yourself another drink… #1 in Amazon Humor and #1 in Bartending!

From champagne bottles to baby bottles, this memoirette offers a humorous look at an American mom’s decade in Paris.

Party girl Vicki moved to the City of Light hoping to drink her fill of wine and fall in love. She accomplished her goal, but not without bumps along the way: romantic encounters gone awry, uniquely French situations threatening her sanity, and two adorable yet energetic kids keeping her on her toes.

This memoirette takes you on a journey of the ups and downs of Vicki’s life abroad. And each story is paired with a delicious cocktail recipe!

You’ll enjoy drinks like the Sangria Spritzer, Pretty Good Bloody Mary, and Teeny Bellini.

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6- The Adventures of Zelda: A Pug Tale by Kristen Otte – Children’s

The Adventures of Zelda A Pug Tale by Kristen Otte


After I ran off with Vacuum’s arm, my family realized I wasn’t an ordinary pug.

I have the wrinkles, smashed face, and curly tail of a pug, but I have an appetite for adventure.

I am always searching for a new mystery to solve, cat to chase, or pillow to steal.

After I gathered acorns for my squirrel friend Squeaks, my family knew it was time to put my adventures into a book.

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