The Geisha with the Green Eyes by India Millar

The Geisha with the Green Eyes by India Millar

The Geisha with the Green Eyes

The Geisha with the Green Eyes
Author – India Miller
Publisher – Red Empress Publishing
Pages – 278
Release Date – 16th August 2016
Available in ebook and paperback formats

Synopsis - Wealth & Privilege by Jeanette Watts

By 1850, Japan had been closed to the outside world for centuries. It was a secret, hidden world. And deep within Edo (now Tokyo) was Yoshiwara − “The Floating World.” The center of pleasure. And within Yoshiwara was the Hidden House. The place that only the very wealthiest could afford. The place where the geisha were…special.

And in the Hidden House lived Midori No Me. Half Japanese, half foreign Barbarian, born to captivity. She was trained to dedicate her life to serving the wealthiest men in Japan. Defiled at thirteen when her virginity was sold to the highest bidder. Possessed by the greatest actor in the kabuki theater. Stolen from him by the most powerful yakuza in Edo.

The geisha who escaped from the Floating World.

The Geisha with the Green Eyes.


Excerpt - Wealth & Privilege by Jeanette Watts

The birds on my roof

Fly away. Would that I

Could follow.

Carpi had collected me and taken me to the bathhouse earlier that afternoon. She had supervised critically as the maids poured hot water over me, soaped me from head to foot, and rinsed time and again until she was satisfied. Eventually, she had discarded her own kimono and gestured at me to climb into the bath with her, even grudgingly allowing me to help her climb down the rather slippery steps.
Both of us stood chin deep in the hot water. Within seconds, my skin had turned lobster red from the unrelenting heat. Carpi sighed luxuriantly, stretched, and turned to stare at me.
Anything you need to know?
I shook my head. In my stupidity, I had no idea what questions even to ask. What was there to know, I wondered? Auntie had already explained to me what was to happen. When my danna arrived, he would be taken to the bathhouse and would be bathed carefully by the maids. Once he was ready, he would proceed to the Hidden House itself and would be plied with sake by Auntie prior to the feast. Carpi, Kiku, and Masaki would enter the room with me. Naruko, still being a maiko, would follow later on her own.
We would all bow to my danna and would sit at his command. Food would be brought in when he requested it. Masaki would probably be chosen to play the samisen. Kiku and Carpi would flirt politely with my danna. We would all eat and drink, at his signal.
At this stage, nothing would be expected of me except to sit and giggle at any witticism he might make. I could look at him with reverent adoration, of course, and if he wanted me to dance or play the samisen or sing, I could do so, but not unless he asked.
Either when Auntie thought the time was right or my danna became impatient for his money’s worth and made it clear that he wished us to be alone, Auntie would stand and she and the other girls would make their farewells. The maids would clear away the dishes and charcoal burners and bring in the bedding to change the room from a banqueting hall to a bedroom.
Then my mizuage would begin.

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About the Author-Wealth-Privilege-by-Jeanette-Watts

India Millar

INDIA MILLAR started her career in heavy industry at British Gas and ended it in the rarefied atmosphere of the British Library. She now lives on Spain’s glorious Costa Blanca North in an entirely male dominated household comprised of her husband, a dog, and a cat.

In addition to historical romances, India also writes popular guides to living in Spain under a different name.


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