Other Paid Services

Other Paid Services

Paid services

We have a range of paid for services available for bloggers, PR firms and those wanting their products reviewed. See below for more info.

Your blog/product/company will be advertised to over 1,000 blog subscribers, over 15,100 Twitter followers, over 1,100 Facebook followers, over 1,000 Instagram supporters and we average between 70,000 – 90,000 unique hits on Pinterest per month.

*Please be aware that we have to BY LAW declare that the post has been paid for by using the term ‘sponsored post’ at the top of the page.


Would you like to advertise your blog on our site? Priced at just £5 for two weeks

Price includes:
– Your blog button on our side bar for two weeks – If you don’t have a button, that’s fine an image of your logo and I will add a link to it.
– Underneath the button a small bio about your blog
– One of your posts shared daily on my Twitter page for two weeks – Over 15,100 followers
– One of your posts shared each week on my Facebook page (Two posts in total)
– I will add you to my #FF on Twitter (For two Fridays)
– I will comment on four of your posts over the two week period

Product Reviews

If you are a business and you have a product which you think would be a good fit for our blog and our blog is a good fit for your business then please email – stacey@whisperingstories.com with information on the product, your business, and any time limits.

If you are looking for us to write a review of an item(s) we will require the item(s) to be sent to a UK address for analysis. Please be aware that we give 100% honest feedback. If you are looking for a sponsored post then please also let us know the fee you are offering for the post.

PR Requests

We receive numerous PR requests, most asking if we allow sponsored posts on the blog. To clarify – We do allow sponsors posts on the blog. The content has to be relevant to the theme of our blog, no more than 1,000 words and must include images that are not copyrighted, or you hold the copyright for them. We do not allow gambling or gaming site links.

We do allow follow links. There must be no more than three follow links in the post.

Fees vary depending on how quickly you want the post going live on the blog, how many links you would like to include, how often and long you would like us to publicise your post for (maximum two weeks), how much work we have to do to the post as all our posts are coded using HTML, and if you would like us to include a link on our sidebar to the post (this is a weekly charge).

Your post and links will need to be vetted by our team before it is uploaded to the blog. Once on the blog, it will stay indefinitely.

The fee for the post must be paid in full via Paypal before the post goes live/or within 48 hours of the post goes live on our blog.

We are always happy to discuss requirements with you and work to your schedule as best we can, so please get in touch if you would like to feature your sponsored posts on our blog.

All payments are to be made via Paypal. Interested in any of the above? Send an email to stacey@whisperingstories.com with the subject – Paid Services – We will get back to you as soon as possible.

*We will try to host you on the date you have selected as long as it is available. If that date isn’t available we will let you know and inform you of the dates available that are closest to your chosen date.


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