Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas by Rita Madison – Book Review

Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas by Rita Madison – Book Review

Pepper Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas by Rita Madison

Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas
Pumpkin is Missing

Author – Rita Madison
Publisher – FantaLife Publishing
Pages – 106
Release Date – 17th March 2016
ISBN-13 – 978-0997404302
Format – ebook, paperback

I received a free copy of this book

New Synopsis

A fun and exciting book for early readers. Pepper, Pumpkin and the Magical Pajamas is a series about a 7 year old girl, her cat and a pair of magical pajamas she received as a present from her grandmother.

Pepper uses her pajamas to help her solve problems or overcome situations. She loves her cat, which is also her best friend.

In this edition, Pumpkin is missing and Pepper searches all over to find her. Pepper finally has no choice but to put on her magical pajamas to locate her friend.

New Review

Pepper loves her little cat, Pumpkin. Every morning just after Pepper got out of bed, her cat would run up to her room for a hug. One morning, though he didn’t arrive, even when he was called.

Pepper looked all over the house, and even outside, but she couldn’t find Pumpkin, he was definitely missing, this made her cry, a lot.

Suddenly, Pepper remembered about a very special present that her Grandmother gave her a few years ago, a magical pair of pajamas. She had been told only to wear them when she felt sad, lonely, or needed something special to happen, and she needed to find Pumpkin, so that was a special reason.

But are the pajamas really magical, and could they help to find Pumpkin?

At 24 chapters long, you would be forgiven for thinking that this book is quite long, but each chapter is very short, mostly 2-3 pages long. Plus, each chapter has at least one illustration within it.

Pepper is a sweet little seven year old girl who lives with her mum, dad, and of course Pumpkin. Part of the story shows you just how the little cat came to be part of the family.

It is easy to read, with no long or complicated words. The plot is very imaginative, and enjoyable. I can see little children asking for a pair of magical pajamas after reading it.

My only slight criticism is with the illustrations, in that I would of loved to of seen some colour to them. I believe that the illustrations within children’s books are an integral part of the enjoyment and understanding. So for me, the more colourful, the better.

A great start to the ‘Pepper and Pumpkin’ series.

Book reviewed by Stacey

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