Review of Playster

Review of Playster

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Sponsored Post – I was contacted by Playster a few weeks ago and offered a free trial of their site in exchange for an honest review.

About Playster

Playster is the worlds first all-inclusive on-line entertainment service, bringing together movies, music, books and games into a single subscription.

The service boasts millions of titles in all genres across every media platform, from timeless classics to the newest blockbusters.

Playster’s extensive media library gives users instant, unrestricted access to a wide variety of relevant and exciting titles from anywhere in the world, with the North American and European markets benefiting from the strongest array of content.

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My review of Playster is based on their books/audio books section.

On the site there are a vast array of books, with some well know publishers linked to them, including one of the top publishing houses – HarperCollins.

It is made very easy to find and choose a book to read, as they are split in to twenty-one different genres, from Sci-fi to biographies, fantasy to non-fiction. Then all you have to do, once you have found a title you like, is to click on it, and start reading – it’s that simple.

Once you have read your first book when you next go to your home page there will be a scroll bar at the top giving you suggestions based on the book/books that you have previously read.

There are a mixture of title, some of which I had never heard of before, some by very famous, and well liked authors, including – Jodi Picoult, Nancy Drew and Lisa Genova.

For my only curiosity I did a check on few of the books, that I had never heard before, to see if they were on Amazon and at what price. All the books that I checked were sold on Amazon, and none were free to download, which I was glad to see.

The audio book department works just like the books department, with its numerous genres and ease of selecting and choosing a book.

I chose to listen to ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett, as I had never read the book before. I could listen to it, whilst I work in a separate window, which is great for someone who is busy, but likes to read.

My only concern with the audio section was that I couldn’t figure out how to save where I was up to. I couldn’t listen to the book in one sitting, but each time I stopped and went back to it I had to start again – yes I could forward it to the part I was up to, but that meant remembering what time I was up to (there is a bar showing you how many minutes into the book you are). Now there may be a way, but it wasn’t clearly marked if there was.

The service was easy to use and good value for money. Whether or not I would personally use it is another matter.

I watch a lot of movies, but I’m not signed up to Netflix – mainly because I’m not to keep on monthly subscriptions, but this is a personal choice. I know that hundreds, of thousands of people are subscribed to on-line services. If you like to read a lot and find that you are spending a small fortune on books, then this would be a great service for you to subscribe to. Not only can you read books, but if you pay for the full package you can access hundreds of movies and games etc too.

**Playster said they knew about the issue with the audio books not being able to be saved and that they were working on adding that feature with their upgrade**


Find out more about Playster and start your free 30 day trial at

Playster have now added more publishers to their site – Have a read – Playster adds major publishers to audiobook catalogue

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