Become a Reviewer for Whispering Stories

Become a Reviewer for Whispering Stories


*We are not taking on any new reviewers for children’s books at this time – Sorry*

Reading and reviewing books is an invaluable service for authors. We help them to publicise their books to a wider audience, and help them gain books sales via our reviews.

Being a reviewer for Whispering Stories is done completely voluntarily. There is no payment, however you will receive all the books you review for free, either in e-format, or if in the UK, occasionally paperback copies.

What you need:-

– You need access to a Kindle ereader, or a Kindle reading device, iPad, iPhone, computer with a reading app on it. You also need to have access to the Amazon account associated with your Kindle.

Our requirements:-

– Your reviews are to be in the same format and held to the same high standards as other Whispering Stories Reviews.

– The reviews need to be around 300 words and are due 4-5 weeks after the book is assigned to you.

– The review is to be written fairly, with no major spoilers and rated accordingly to how you honestly felt about the book.

– The review must not contain foul language, or be slanderous. You may give a book a one star rating, however, even if you hated the book you are to be polite in your assessment and never bring the author into your account of what you felt about the book.

How does it work:-

– I have a list of books that require reading and reviewing, this is updated regularly. I send that list over to you. It includes the title, author, page count, genre, and synopsis of each book.

– You choose a book from the list and I then send that book over to your Kindle (or to your address if it is a paperback copy).

– You then have 4-5 weeks to read the book, write a non-biased review and then email the review to me.

– The review needs to include a star rating out of five (it can be half stars).

– I then type the post up. This means that I add the synopsis, purchase links, information about the author and properly code the review.

– I then post your review on the blog, this will include your name so that readers will know that you were the reviewer who reviewed the book.

– The review is then advertised on our social media accounts and placed on our Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, etc accounts.

– We then start the process all over again.


Can anyone become a reviewer? Whether you’re young, old, male, female, you can review on Whispering Stories, as long as you can read and write fluent English.

Can I review for you if I have my own blog? You certainly can.

Can I place the review on my own blog? Sorry, no. The review is to be solely found on Whispering Stories Blog.

I don’t like all genres, do I have to read books in genres that I don’t like? No, the list of books that I send over to you contains books from lots of different genres. You just choose the books from the ones you like.

How will people know that the review was written by me? Your name will appear on the blog post. You will also have your name, a small bio and if you would like one, your picture on our ‘Meet the Reviewers‘ page. This is where readers can find out about the people who review the books.

Are the reviews edited? To a small extent yes. I check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. I may also add/take out the odd word, if the sentence doesn’t flow properly. I may also remove sections of your review is you give away the plot – We don’t want any spoilers in our reviews. You should still do your own checks before sending a review to me though.

I’m an author but I love to read books, would I be able to review for you? Yes certainly. We already have some authors reviewing for us.

Are international reviewers welcome? Certainly, though you must be able to read and write in fluent English. Only ebooks are offered to those outside the UK.

Will there be a trial period? Yes. I need to make sure that your reviews are of a good standard and that you can read and write up a review within the allocated time period. This means that I wait until I have received your first review before adding your details to the ‘Meet the Reviewers’ page. If I feel that your reviews are not of our high standard I will let you know.

What if I start reviewing and decide it’s not for me? There is no contract and you are free to leave at any time. I do ask that you don’t leave whilst in the middle of writing a review though. If you have a hard copy of a book and decide to stop reviewing I do ask that you send the book back to myself. I also ask that you just don’t disappear and that you let me know that you no longer want to be a reviewer – It’s just courteous to let me know.

I would love to join your team, how do I go about this? By emailing Stacey at

Please include:-

– A short introduction about yourself
– Genres you prefer to read
– Where you have reviewed books before (even if only on Goodreads/Amazon)
– Confirm that you can read and review a book within 4-5 weeks.
– If you have a blog, could you please let me know too.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions you would like to ask please feel free to send me an email on the above email address.

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