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Services for Authors


*Review requests are now closed. Apologies to all those authors that I told we would be back open on the 16th April. Unfortunately I’ve got to have an operation on my right shoulder which will leave me unable to use my right arm for about 6 weeks. So I’ve taken the decision to close the review requests for the foreseeable future. Once fully fit I will open the requests again.*

Here at Whispering Stories, we are committed in providing professional, 100% honest, unbiased book reviews, for FREE. The majority of our reviews are for fictional books, including children’s books, (we do review non-fictional books too).

Please read the information below, before submitting a request.

There are a few genres that we do not review:-
Religion & Spirituality

We accept review requests from authors, publishers, agents, and blog tour companies.

Why choose us?

“Reviews really help to highlight a book’s profile. I was delighted with the review from Whispering stories who took part in Book Tour for The Rest of My Life. The reviewer offered the reader a perfect glimpse into the book, with just the right amount of information, and provided a perfect summary which I have quoted often since. They also went on to feature an author interview for me and were totally professional and courteous. Thank you Whispering Stories for helping to get my book out there.” – Sheryl Browne, author of The Rest of my Life

“Whispering Stories is one of my favourite book blogs. Stacey, who runs it, is always charming and helpful, and her reviews of my books have really helped in my promotional efforts. Now that she has a reviewing team she’s able to offer a wider range of services to authors; their reviews are always honest, insightful and constructive, and every effort is made to get them out as soon as possible. Most impressed!” – Terry Tyler, author of The Devil You Know, Best Seller and The House of York

“Whispering Stories provided honest, timely reviews of my books, were quick to respond to my inquiries and always friendly. They made things easy and fun and really championed my work. I can’t thank them enough!” Anela Deen, author of Sci-Fi series Insurrection

“Whispering Stories is a dynamic, professional book blogging site. Stacey joined the Neverland Book Tour of my recent release, “Brake Failure”, and posted a beautifully laid-out post. What author wouldn’t want a post like THAT? Stacey can really get “under the skin” of a novel, and her reviews are always concise – never rambling – giving the reader the essence of the story. She also immediately posts her reviews to ALL social media sites – without the author having to remind her weeks later to do so! I give Whispering Stories 5++ stars!” – Alison Brodie, author of “Brake Failure” and “Wild Life”.

Requesting a Review

To request a review you must contact:- entering ‘Review Request’ in the subject header. Please do not contact any of the other reviewers on this site directly. All requests for reviews must only be sent to the email address above.

Make sure to include the synopsis of the book that you are requesting, and the genre(s) that it fits into. Please do not request more than one book at a time.

Once you have submitted your request, it can take a few days to receive a reply. We endeavour to reply to everyone who has contacted us, whether that be with an acceptance or a refusal.

Please do not send a copy of your book with the request.

Our Decision

Unfortunately we can not accept every book that we are requested to review. The decision to refuse a book is never a personal one. Our decision is final, though if you wish to contact us again in the future, with the same book, please leave at least three months between requests.

Submitting your book

Once you have received an email of acceptance to review your book, you will be sent the relevant information regarding what happens next. Please be aware that we only accept mobi or hard copies of books (these are to be sent to a UK address, that will be provide).

If the request was for a children’s book, we do accept PDF copies.

We do not accept Kindle Gifts.

The Review

Your book will be placed onto our ‘To Be Read’ (TBR) list, and will be read and reviewed as soon as we possibly can. Although we have quite a few reviewers on the site, we also get a lot of review requests, so there is always going to be a wait. The wait can be anything from a few weeks, to a few months.

The review will contain a star rating. This could be anything from one star to five stars. We do review the books as fairly as we can. Just remember that this is the reviewers personal opinion, and a personal choice of rating.

Once the review has been posted and a star rating has been given, we will not alter that information.

Once the review is posted on the blog, you will receive an email letting you know that it live.

Where are the reviews advertised?

Alongside being advertised on the blog, our reviews are also publicised on the various websites, and social media accounts that we are signed up to, these include:-
Twitter – @storywhispers
Goodreads (Top 500 reviewer)
Barnes and Noble

Other services

We also take requests for guest posts, cover reveals, blog tours, release day posts, book spotlights, giveaways, and interviews. If you would like to request any of these, then please email:- with your request.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us on the email address provided above. We will always try to help out as best we can.

These are just a few of the great publishers we’ve worked with

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