The Tudors by Marcia Williams – Book Review

The Tudors by Marcia Williams – Book Review

The Tudors by Marcia Williams

The Tudors: Kings, Queens, Scribes and Ferrets!
Author – Marcia Williams
Publisher – Walker Books
Pages – 48
Release Date – 4th August 2016
Format – paperback, hardcover
Reviewer – Stacey

I received a free copy of this book

synopsis of a witch

Join much-loved author/illustrator Marcia Williams on a comic strip journey through Tudor history!

A witty, accessible introduction to the Tudors, with full-colour illustrations throughout, from the author of Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays and The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice.

Arthur Inkblott, Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite scribe, retells the most famous moments in Tudor history, from the Wars of the Roses and the Spanish Armada to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America and Henry VIII’s many marriages! Packed with jokes and colourful comic-strip illustrations, this is Marcia Williams at her very best.

Review of a witch

The Tudor’s Kings, Queens, Scribes and Ferrets!, is an impressively informative book about, yes you have guessed it, the Tudor period and the royal family.

Now I’ve always considered myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to the history of the royal family, but this book taught me, yes this children’s book taught a fully-grown woman a thing or two.

Such as… Did you know that after defeating King Richard III, Henry Tudor, the first Tudor king, actually didn’t have any claim to the throne, and that he placed the crown on his own head and declared himself king?

Or that Queen Elizabeth I seemed to predicted her own death? She refused to go to sleep, so for three days and three nights she stood up in her room. Unfortunately, eventually she grew so weak that she had to be carried and placed in bed, where she fell into a deep sleep and never woke up again.

This book is full of facts like the above two. I was actually hooked to the book and found myself not only enjoying it, but learning too.

This will be a great tool to use in history class at school, as well as at home. Kids will love the book as the information is told in a fun way by Arthur Inkblott, scribe, and his trusted friend Smudge the Ferret.

The book not only contains information on the royal family, but on William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and The Spanish Armada, plus more.

Marcia Williams has done a splendid job of making history fun. If you are after a book that will actually keep the children interested, and taking in the information, then this is a good start.

Book Reviewed by Stacey

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About the author of a witch

Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams began to develop her distinctive comic-book style at an early age: “When I was about ten and wrote home to my family from boarding school,” she says, “I never wrote normal letters. I tried to tell my family about what I was doing in a way that was more fun. Also, my parents didn’t let me read comic books, so I decided to create my own.”

This former nursery school teacher blends her storytelling skills and humorous illustrations with well-known figures and stories from literature. Her unique style has produced such vivid works and action-packed books as GOD AND HIS CREATIONS: TALES FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT. “Working on the Old Testament was a joy,” Marcia Williams says. “The tales are so rich, it is always possible to find something new within them. Yet, at the same time, they have all the comfort of the familiar.” The artist also found pleasure in creating CHARLES DICKENS AND FRIENDS, which presents five retellings of classic Dickens tales. Of her inspiration for this book, she tells of a teacher she once had “who was extremely fierce and angry . . . except when she read the stories of Charles Dickens aloud. Through her, all his characters lived, and I was transported to their Victorian world. I hope that readers will also enter the wonderful world of Charles Dickens through this book.”

With BRAVO, MR. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE! and TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE Marcia Williams introduces young readers to the world of William Shakespeare’s plays. Another classic she has made much more accessible to children–and more appreciated by them–is THE ILIAD AND THE ODYSSEY. “My mother read me classics, but until I got older I never found them interesting,” she says. “If I could make these stories more accessible, I realized, kids wouldn’t have to wait until they were grown-up to appreciate them.”

Marcia Williams traveled extensively as a child and was educated in Sussex, England, and Switzerland. During her varied career she has worked as an interior designer and has assisted cartoon artist and designer Gerald Scarfe in making papier-mâché and cloth sculptures.

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